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Am I Actually Savoring These Moments?

Five times in 24 hours; I heard the same message five times in such a short time frame. My little guy had just turned two months old. It was hard to believe that two months went by so fast, but soon I’ll look back on these times and think, “Two months! He was so little and new!” I took him…

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Everyday, the list of things we shouldn't say to #moms grows longer and longer. But could these mom rules be more hurtful than helpful?

The Long List of Things We Shouldn’t Say to Moms

Everyday, the list of things that we shouldn’t say to moms grows longer. These are things that, on the surface, don’t seem at all controversial. But uttering them could send a mom into an angry tirade. They range from comments on sleep to busyness, and they are on the conversational blacklist that only moms seem to know about. There is…

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Before you share that viral post

Before You Share That Viral Post, Read This

Last week, a Facebook post about an attempted kidnapping went semi-viral in my area. A mother said she was in a local store, and was followed around by suspicious men.  No matter how she tried to lose them, they followed. She then told store employees, called the police, and posted about her experience, complete with pictures of the men. Moms…

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Stay at home mom

Is Life Easier As A Stay At Home Mom or a Working Mom?

I worked full-time outside the home the first two years of Miss H’s life. When her little brother was on the way, I told the head of her daycare center that we wouldn’t be returning the next school year, because I was leaving my job. The daycare coordinator gave me a sidelong glance and said, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE…

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