Taming #Momguilt with ErgoBaby Omni 360. While adjusting to our newest arrival, wearing my baby in a safe #babycarrier lets me enjoy this time with #lessstress.

Taming the Mom Guilt with Ergobaby Omni 360

Thanks to my sponsor, Ergobaby, for supplying the free products to help me write this post today! This post also contains affiliate links.  There is something that has plagued me both times we’ve brought another baby into our family: mom guilt. We turned our little ones’ lives upside down when we brought them a new baby brother. I know postpartum…

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Everyday, the list of things we shouldn't say to #moms grows longer and longer. But could these mom rules be more hurtful than helpful?

The Long List of Things We Shouldn’t Say to Moms

Everyday, the list of things that we shouldn’t say to moms grows longer. These are things that, on the surface, don’t seem at all controversial. But uttering them could send a mom into an angry tirade. They range from comments on sleep to busyness, and they are on the conversational blacklist that only moms seem to know about. There is…

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These #toys grow with your child and offer lots of opportunities for open-ended #play.

Toys With the Most Bang for your Buck

What is the most annoying, most useless toy your child owns?  Was it worth the money, or the precious space that it takes up, or the time that you spend cleaning it up off of the floor? I’m done wasting my time and resources on toys that don’t add value to our home. We’ve gotten rid of most of these…

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Becoming a minimalist #couponer makes sense if you don't like wasting time clipping tons of #coupons, stockpiling #deals, and collecting lots of paper clutter.

Becoming a Minimalist Couponer

Couponing can be like a second job. Clipping coupons, finding more coupons from different sources, organizing them, planning out the deals, matching up the coupons with different stores, buying way too many things you don’t actually need, and then having to figure out how to store all that extra stuff. Couponing helps us reach the goal of spending less, but…

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DIY Rustic Wood Drawer Pulls

*This post contains affiliate links.  Have you ever noticed how crazy expensive drawer pulls are? For a super-simple concept, they can get really pricey. Before E was born, I found a $40 dresser on a buy/sell/trade Facebook group. It definitely needed some updating! We decided on a coat of paint, and new drawer pulls. Nate went to some relatively inexpensive…

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No-tech Tuesday lets your family unplug and reconnect.

Why Your Family Needs No-Tech Tuesdays

Before Miss H was born, Nate came home from work one Tuesday evening and declared it was “No-tech Tuesday.” He read about it in a magazine story about a simple-living family, and we were going to get started right then and there. We decided on some ground rules: On Tuesdays, when he got home from work, we’d turn off our…

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7 Ways to Win the Battle Against Toy Clutter

Last week on Mylittlerobins.com, I wrote about our play/learning spaces in our home. I did a similar post last year, and as I was going through photos, one thing stood out to me: we used to have a ton of toy clutter! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like all the decluttering we’ve done in the last eighteen months has made a…

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When Quality is More Important Than Saving Money

When Miss H was three, she started taking swim lessons at a local rec center. The lessons were cheap, maybe not the best quality, but we thought it would be okay. She took these lessons off and on for a year and a half. Last May, she took two lessons a week. At the end of the month, she was…

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Chores: Good for Kids, Good for Moms

Not too long ago, I heard a mom say that she doesn’t value chores for her children. She thought that kids should be kids, so she preferred that they play instead of helping out around the house. I respect others’ opinions and I understand that each family is different. But a recent study out of Harvard showed just how important…

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Mango fruit leather

Two-Ingredient Mango Fruit Leather

If it has been awhile since we’ve been to the grocery store, our snack options start running low. My kids LOVE snacks! When our food options are limited, I make them healthy snacks with what we have on hand. One of our favorites is this two ingredient mango fruit leather. We don’t have dehydrator, so we just make it in…

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