These easy #DIY #Christmas #Ornaments can be made with things that you probably have on hand. So simple, and so adorable!

DIY Winter Hat Christmas Ornaments

My craft cupboard has several skeins of yarn sitting in it because I always think I’m going to knit something, and I never do. Sure, I’ve made a couple of scarves over the years, but this extra yarn either needed to be used up or thrown out.  My problem was solved when I came across this adorable winter hat ornament from Homestead Acres.  This super-simple craft can be done in less than 30 minutes, but it’s something you’ll want to hold onto for a long time! This Christmas, I’m going to add these to packages as a cute decoration for friends and family.

These easy #DIY #Christmas #Ornaments can be made with things that you probably have on hand. So simple, and so adorable!

Winter Hat Christmas Ornaments

What You’ll Need:

You probably have these things sitting around already (those are my favorite types of crafts!)

  • an empty toilet paper roll
  • yarn (thinner yarn works better!)
  • scissors

Before Starting:

Cut about 25 pieces of yarn in 6-inch strips. You might need more or less than this. Cut one string about 3 inches long, and one string about 12 inches long. Put the strings aside.

Next, cut about 1/2 to 3/4 inches off the end of the toilet paper roll.

To Make These Cute Little Ornaments:

Fold one of the 6-inch yarn pieces in half. Put the loop up through the toilet paper roll. Pull the loose ends of the yarn up around the outside of the toilet paper roll and through the loop at the top. Pull the ends tight and adjust it so that the knot is at the top, and leave the loose ends flowing from the top of the toilet paper roll. Make one of these loops with the 12-inch string. This will be used to hang the ornament!

Winter Hat Christmas Ornaments, step 1

Keep doing this until the roll is full of these little knots. The toilet paper roll should look like the bottom of a knitted hat! Find the long piece of yarn and bring it to the middle of the hat. Make sure you don’t cut it! Now, gather up all the loose strings and tie the 3-inch piece of yarn around it. Cut off the loose ends of this tie.

Winter Hat Christmas Ornament, step 2

Next, cut the top of the hat to look like a pompom. First, trim the outside pieces of string shorter than the rest. Then, smush the strings flat and cut them in a dome shape. Smush them flat the other way, and then cut a dome shape again. This makes the pompom rounded. Remember those long strings you kept in tact? Tie the ends to make a loop, and this is how you’ll hang the ornament.

Winter Hat Christmas Ornament, step 3

Voila! You just made a super-inexpensive, super adorable Christmas ornament!

Winter Hat Christmas Ornaments

Ideas for Use

Captain Obvious says to hang it on your tree. But there are other things you can do with these little ornaments this Christmas!

  • Tape one underneath the bow on a gift you’re giving.
  • Put one on a plate of cookies and give them to your neighbors.
  • Hot glue it to the top of a foam ball. Add an orange-toothpick nose, little button eyes, and make a mouth out of a pipe cleaner for a cute little snowman ornament.
  • Use different colors of yarn to make a pattern.

What a sweet, inexpensive way to add some cozy cheer to your Christmas tree this year!



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