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How to Kill a Conversation with a Stay-at-Home Mom

You’re home all day with these awesome little people, but you need some grown-up conversation. When the chance to talk to someone over three feet tall arises, it often flops. It’s hard to carry conversations when our lives are so centered on the events in our homes. When people ask questions, carrying a conversation is a challenge. Moms, are you…

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Adopting Better House Cleaning Habits

I love the concept of cleaning schedules- the pretty colors, the organized lists, the boxes I can check off. I can maintain them for a few months during the nesting stages of pregnancy, but adding a new baby to the mix puts an abrupt end to that. Now, most days I can’t find the kitchen counter and I wonder how…

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Stay at home mom

Is Life Easier As A Stay At Home Mom or a Working Mom?

I worked full-time outside the home the first two years of Miss H’s life. When her little brother was on the way, I told the head of her daycare center that we wouldn’t be returning the next school year, because I was leaving my job. The daycare coordinator gave me a sidelong glance and said, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE…

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