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How to Kill a Conversation with a Stay-at-Home Mom

You’re home all day with these awesome little people, but you need some grown-up conversation. When the chance to talk to someone over three feet tall arises, it often flops. It’s hard to carry conversations when our lives are so centered on the events in our homes. When people ask questions, carrying a conversation is a challenge. Moms, are you…

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The Truth About Being Brutally Honest

I get that there’s a bit of irony to this post. I’m saying something that might not be super popular for the sake of honesty. A few months ago, I heard someone say something rude in the name of honesty. Being brutally honest, in which people say whatever they like for the sake of “the truth,” is kind of confusing.…

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Parenting Is Hard: Modern Parenting is Harder

When people ask me how we’re adjusting to life with three kids, I usually say something like, “It’s going pretty well! I’ve lowered my standards a lot!” They laugh, like I’m making a joke. But I’m absolutely serious. I’ve had to let go of some things, like activities and play dates, so that our days run smoothly. I also let…

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Your Family Deserves Your Best Yes

My friend sat next to me in Bible study and shared her New Year’s resolution. In the upcoming year, she wants to say “No” more often. That is a resolution after my own heart! Busyness and over-commitment is NOT something I value. So I think I surprised her when I said that my goal for the New Year is to…

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Becoming a minimalist #couponer makes sense if you don't like wasting time clipping tons of #coupons, stockpiling #deals, and collecting lots of paper clutter.

Becoming a Minimalist Couponer

Couponing can be like a second job. Clipping coupons, finding more coupons from different sources, organizing them, planning out the deals, matching up the coupons with different stores, buying way too many things you don’t actually need, and then having to figure out how to store all that extra stuff. Couponing helps us reach the goal of spending less, but…

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No-tech Tuesday lets your family unplug and reconnect.

Why Your Family Needs No-Tech Tuesdays

Before Miss H was born, Nate came home from work one Tuesday evening and declared it was “No-tech Tuesday.” He read about it in a magazine story about a simple-living family, and we were going to get started right then and there. We decided on some ground rules: On Tuesdays, when he got home from work, we’d turn off our…

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Before you share that viral post

Before You Share That Viral Post, Read This

Last week, a Facebook post about an attempted kidnapping went semi-viral in my area. A mother said she was in a local store, and was followed around by suspicious men.  No matter how she tried to lose them, they followed. She then told store employees, called the police, and posted about her experience, complete with pictures of the men. Moms…

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