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Why Kids Love Stuff So Much

I don’t think you’ll argue with me when I say that kids can bring an unbelievable amount of stuff into our homes. The first child brings clothes and toys and lots of baby contraptions that are creative, but really, couldn’t babies do without heated wipes on their bums? (I’m looking at you, baby wipes warmer!) If you have more than…

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Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies for Frugal Moms

Once upon a time, when I was single and had this thing called “extra time,” I learned how to make my own cleaning products. I grated bars of soap for laundry detergent, boiled and mixed various ingredients for dish washing detergents….maybe I had too much extra time. Back then, I made all of these things because they were so much…

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7 Ways to Win the Battle Against Toy Clutter

Last week on Mylittlerobins.com, I wrote about our play/learning spaces in our home. I did a similar post last year, and as I was going through photos, one thing stood out to me: we used to have a ton of toy clutter! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like all the decluttering we’ve done in the last eighteen months has made a…

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Feeling stuck with #decluttering? Here are 101 easy things to get rid of that you might have missed. #organize

101 Things to Get Rid Of In Just A Few Hours

When I moved to Colorado, ( a long time ago now!) my sister came to help me move. We had to fit all of my possessions into a little Toyota Corolla, so she helped me sort and toss. She encouraged me to get rid of stuff that I just assumed I’d keep. I didn’t miss them at all! My sister’s…

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DIY Pallet Shelves Wall Organizer

If there’s one quality I never knew I needed in a husband, it’s handiness. I am blessed with an extremely handy husband. Not only can he fix stuff, but he can create stuff. Really amazing, creative, custom-designed pieces for our home. He grew up on a farm, so repurposing old materials was important when he learned his handy skills. When…

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Kids and Clutter

Clutter and Kids: Finding the Balance

People say that how we spend our time and our money reflects what we value. Looking around my house, I’m confused.  In my head, I value my faith and my family. But from the looks of my living room floor this very minute, it seems like I value gym bags and tennis shoes, blankets and toys. Pretty soon, I will spent…

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The Clutter Diet Worksheet (Free Printable!)

Let me first say that I hate diets when they involve food. I am not a diet person. But, I’ve realized how much getting rid of clutter, trying to make a better environment for my family, has in common with diets. I can keep getting rid of things until the people at the Goodwill know me by name, but I’m…

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