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Instant Pot Spanish Rice

Rice is boring. I’ve thought that for a long time, and I didn’t understand why so many people loved it. When we got married, my husband told me he liked rice, but he didn’t like my rice. He’s very honest. Apparently the problem wasn’t rice, it was how I made it. I needed to fancy it up. (Any other Plain…

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Homemade Ranch Dip and Dressing Mix Plus How to Use It

Who wants to give me a dollar? If you’re buying certain things in the store instead of making them on your own, you’re basically giving your money away. We love ranch dressing and dip, and go through tons of it. Is there a better way to eat a carrot than dipped into creamy ranch? But those little packets are expensive,…

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#Cranberry sauce fruit leather is so easy to make! Use your #holiday leftovers.

Cranberry Sauce Fruit Leather With Holiday Leftovers

Two of my favorite ways to save money on groceries are to make things from scratch, and use up what you have. This cranberry fruit leather recipe does both! We had Thanksgiving with my sister-in-law’s family this year. Since we are both knee deep in baby-raising, we decided it would be best to order a meal from Whole Foods.  The…

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What To Do With All Of Those Garden Herbs

Growing fresh herbs in our garden is one of my favorite things about the summer. During the colder months, I often skip them in recipes because they’re so very expensive! But in the summer, when the basil plants are growing quickly and we often receive green, fragrant bunches of herbs in our CSA, I try to make the most of…

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