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Jewelry for Minimalists: Rocks Box Review

The year my daughter was born, my New Year’s resolution was to buy and wear more jewelry. No joke (this was before my clutter-free dreams began). I was determined not to become the stereotypical frumpy mom. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded at avoiding frump, but I’m kind of thankful that I realized early on that it would be easy to…

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Addicted to Shopping

Are You Addicted to Shopping?

We can talk about decluttering all we want, but sending a thousand loads to Goodwill won’t make a dent if we are addicted to shopping. If we don’t also focus on what comes into our homes, we’ll soon be knee deep in Target bags and cheeky coffee mugs. There’s a lot of buzz about decluttering, but not so much buzz…

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What Clutter Steals from Us

Clutter builds up in our homes because we want more. We bring more in, but we still hold onto what we already have. While clutter means more stuff, it also means we are losing in other areas. I’ve been on a mission to have a clutter-free home for about two years now. We have noticeably less stuff, but I do…

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