Super Busy

5 Things to Consider When You’re Super Busy

We all know those people who thrive off of chaos. For them, the busier, the better! I was one of those super busy people for many years. Then something shifted. It took me some time to realize that my busyness was an attempt to run away from other things.

Maybe it was the feeling of not being accepted. If I kept my schedule full of doing things for others, I felt like they had to accept me.

Or maybe it was other unpleasant feelings that I was trying to cover up with constant noise.

Now, when life starts to swing towards the hectic side, I stop and think about what’s going on. This helps me prioritize and reorganize my schedule- so that I can take better care of myself. Being overly busy is not healthy. It’s important for us to be able to think about what’s causing this busy season, and how we can slow down.

Super Busy

5 Things to Consider When You’re Super Busy

What’s Really Important?

It’s temping to go after the feelings of being appreciated or accepted by joining in on everything. But I’ve given up on trying to be the Jack-of-all-trades. There are three major spheres in my life: God, family, and community. My most eager “yeses” should involve those areas. My most carefully-considered “yeses” should come from the other areas of my life.

This becomes trickier when we have children. We don’t want our children to miss out. But unstructured time, where they aren’t shuttling from music lessons to soccer practice to Girl Scouts, is important for their development. Guarding our children by giving them an actual childhood and not subliminally encouraging them to achieve more is so important.

We get these cultural messages that busy is better. That our importance and value lies in what we do and not who we are. This is something I constantly have to fight. I know where my worth comes from, and it does not come from the number of organizations I volunteer with or sports my child is involved in.

Am I really doing all of these things well?

If we’re trying to be all the things to all the people, how’s it going? When we take on roles at home, church, school, and our children’s events, we have a lot to juggle. Chances are, something has to give. Busyness makes me do most of my jobs a little worse. There are a few Really Important Things that God has put in my life, and I need to do those well. As a woman, I like to think of myself as a multi-tasking supermom who can do everything at once. Not true! Multi-tasking makes me less efficient, and it might even damage my brain. Maybe I’m rushing to get dinner made while I’m trying to clean the house, and I burn something. Or I cut out the million stickers for the children’s program wrong because I’m also trying to have a meaningful conversation with my husband. All of these examples are good things, and I’m not going to stop cooking or volunteering at church, but if I have more margin in my life, I can focus on doing these things well.

Why do I keep saying yes?

If I’m constantly saying yes to things that aren’t Really Important Things, what’s my motivation? What am I trying to gain out of this? Possibly, I feel the need to help people. Recently, in an organization I was involved with, I noticed that I was one of two people who consistently volunteered for various roles. There were many other people who could have volunteered- but my self-imposed guilt persuaded me to say yes every time. I don’t want to say yes out of guilt. I want to say yes because I have time an energy to contribute.

(Why) Do I like being busy?

This question reflects my thoughts at the beginning of the post. Do I like being busy as a way to escape other realities? Or maybe I like being busy because I have a lot of energy? Is busyness good for me in this season? Can I maintain this pace for the long term?

Am I taking care of myself?

When we’re really busy, our own needs are often the last things that are met. Things that we have a duty to care for, our physical health, our spiritual health, and our mental health, often get put on the back burner when we’re super busy. These things are crucial not only to me, but to the people who rely on me. If I’m super busy and I’m the one suffering for it, I need to find a way to scale back.

A peaceful schedule means I have more time to enjoy what’s really important. What’s your take on being busy?

Super Busy


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