Am I Actually Savoring These Moments?

Five times in 24 hours; I heard the same message five times in such a short time frame. My little guy had just turned two months old. It was hard to believe that two months went by so fast, but soon I’ll look back on these times and think, “Two months! He was so little and new!” I took him to the doctor, with the other two in tow, and that’s when I began hearing this message: savor these moments, they go by so fast.

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There was the older gentleman at the entrance of the doctor’s office who said, “You have some good-looking kids” when he should have been annoyed at them dashing around by his feet. The twinkle in his eye said he was reflecting on the little ones he had long ago.

Then the doctor, who we’ve visited since my oldest was two weeks old, almost five years now. “They’re growing up so fast!” She said. “Enjoy every moment.”

There was the couple who helped me out when someone parked too close to me to get the car seat in.  They smiled in the midst of my panic and reminisced about their own children’s early years.

But the one that struck me the most was the woman in the elevator. She said, “Those were the days! Enjoy them while you can. Mine is 16 now.”

I replied, “I know that these times are special!”

She said, “You have no idea. Treasure them.” Then she wiped a tear from her eye.

I have no idea how special these times are- treasure them.

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Boy, do I try. I miss these moments the second they’re gone. I want to reach down and grab onto each one and stretch it out, catch it before it flies away. I know they’ll be unchangeable, carved into my memory for the rest of my life. We make sweet memories every day. And I think I’m treasuring these moments.

But am I?

They’re sitting at my feet playing with Legos. “Look, Mommy!” H says as she showcases one of her creations. “That’s so neat, honey!” I say. I smile at her creativity and how she inherited her dad’s knack for building.  Is that savoring?

E (2) run laps around the kitchen and living room. Each time he passes his sister and me, he stops to give each of us a kiss. We squeal at his sweetness and eagerly wait for him to come back around. Is that savoring?

When Nate and I were in the hospital with our littlest newborn, just a couple of months ago, I remember the odd feeling that we were making memories that I would happily recall in 20, 30, 50 years. Is that savoring?

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These moments can’t be savored enough.

Some day, when my children are grown, I’ll wish I could relive these moments. In hindsight, I’ll probably know exactly what I wish I could change or what sweet moments I wish I could revisit. It’s always easy to look back and regret- to wish we had done more and savored more of it.

I’ll look back on videos or the pages of the little line-a-day journal that I keep, and I’ll remember their sweet little voices and the adorable things they say. I’ll want to rock the baby and kiss squishy cheeks and tickle the giggling toddler. I’ll want to feel my daughter’s face close to mine as we work on a craft and hear her sweet voice say, “I love you, Mommy!”

All of those moments when I feel like screaming?- when three kids are crying at the same time, the baby needs to be fed, the toddler needs to be changed, and the preschooler just needs some love-I’ll want those moments back, too. I’ll want to step back into those moments and tell myself to calm down, that this is precious, that they need me and love me so much right now in that moment. But I won’t be able to.

The day after our appointment, I took 2 month photos of my littlest guy. The doting big brother and big sister crawled all over him during our little photo session. They just couldn’t keep from giving him hugs and kisses for the 5 minutes I was taking his picture. In a moment of frustration, I ushered them out the door and shut it so that I could take a few un-photo-bombed pictures. I texted some cute pictures and the funny outtakes to my mom. She texted me back with just a simple phrase:

Etch these days into your memory. 

I was frustrated, I was grumpy, but most of all, I was blessed; blessed with three beautiful children who have love in their hearts and light in their eyes. We can call it treasuring or savoring, but what I really want to do is enjoy and remember what it feels like to be the frazzled, loved mama to these three precious blessings. I want to live each moment- the good and the bad- knowing that one day, I’ll miss this.

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We know we are supposed to #savor these moments with our #children, but how do we know if we are?

I know I'm supposed to #treasure these #moments, but how can I be sure that I am? #family


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  • Carolyn April 11, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Thank you for sharing your sweet post about your precious little ones. Sounds adorable. Its great – the siblings all get along so well. 🙂

    I can relate to people always saying the same. Its amazing how quickly it all does go by.

    What’s your favorite family moment so far?


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