Rodan and Fields Reverse Didn’t Work for Me

I know Rodan and Fields works wonders for so many people. There are so many beautiful, glowing faces who sing of its miracle-making! But, you know I’m a careful consumer, so I wanted to share about my experience. No miracles were made.  I was hoping this would be my amazing tale of a product that worked, from someone who doesn’t sell said product. But unfortunately, this is not that post. It wasn’t all bad- there was one product that I really, really liked. More on that later.

First off, I should explain why me, a frugal-minded mom, tried Rodan and Fields in the first place. It’s so expensive, especially for this semi-lazy lady who uses coconut oil for a dozen beauty products. In the past few years, little brown sun spots have started showing up on my face. They really aren’t terrible, but I wasn’t careful about sun exposure as a child growing up in California, so I started to wonder if there were dozens more sun spots, just sitting under the surface of my skin and waiting to show up on, say, my next birthday.

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So, I’ve tried SO many different things in the last 10 years to combat these little spots. I started out with really cheap fixes, and gradually the products got a little more expensive as the previous one didn’t work. When I saw people raving about Rodan and Fields, I thought, “Maybe that will do the trick!” But, I didn’t want to pay the money and bought products from Origins and Amazon and Target. Nothing worked.

To support a friend, and for a little blog research, I decided to buy a Reverse Regimen on Black Friday super sale. This is the Rodan and Fields line that is supposed to even out skin tone, reduce sun spots, and leave skin radiantly glowing. It was my post-baby gift to myself, and if it worked, wonderful! And if it didn’t work, then I would know that NOTHING would work to get my skin tone evened out. I justified the still-expensive sale price by knowing that it would last several months (five, in my case!) and that it came with a lash boost- another product I had heard amazing things about.

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Trying it Out

Getting into a skin care routine was good for me. Before, I often fell into bed with a swipe of a face wipe or a quick rinse. I quickly got in the habit of washing with the exfoliating wash, using the toner, the two serums, following it up with a moisturizer that I’ve used for years, and then, in the morning, applying sun screen. Within a couple of weeks, it felt like my skin was going to look radiant any day. The exfoliating scrub definitely helped get rid of dull skin.

But I never achieved that glowing, even tone that I hoped for. After five months of using it daily (not twice a day, because it was drying my skin out) I realized that it just did not work for me. Some people might say, “You just need more time!” But personally, I am not willing to pay that much for something that might work after years and years of use.

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The Pictures

First of all, it’s embarrassing to take a no-makeup selfie that is specifically to show one’s flaws. In my first picture, I was the exhausted mom of three children under five, which included a newborn. In fact, you can see the straps of my Ergo in the photo because I was carrying my teensy little guy. Exhausted, unflattering, photo number one.

Photo number two does look a little better. The light is a little different, and I look like I’ve gotten more sun (but I wore that sunscreen Every Single Day!) If you look closely, you can see that those spots are still there, and they haven’t lightened up at all. Some of them actually look darker (probably the lighting, I don’t think they’re darker!) On top of that, you can see red splotches on my face. The Reverse Regimen dried out my skin, in spite of putting on extra moisturizer and easing into the regimen as the company suggested.

Overall, no big changes, or really, even small changes, occurred during that time.

Not a Total Loss

I don’t feel like my experiment with Rodan and Fields was a total loss. If this didn’t work for me, probably nothing will. I will stop buying products and stick to my super frugal skin care products. Also, it got me into a better skin care habit. I needed that.

And also, Lash Boost.

This. Is. Amazing. Even now, almost six months after beginning to use this, I have eyelashes that look fake. I used it about every other day, until I had a nice set of lashes. Then I stopped using it, and after a few months, started applying it again every other day.  If I can make it last a year, I’ll consider getting it again ($10 a month for amazing eyelashes? I could do that!)

This is my attempt at an eyelash photo that doesn’t look excessively creepy or ridiculous. And also, it’s nice to wear makeup in photos (I had mascara on, obviously!) 

All those pictures and positive reviews I’ve read about their skin care regimens- I believe them. I can see how using this for an extended period of time could get the results I wanted. But

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  • Mary May 2, 2018 at 2:24 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience! After more or less being in skin care sphere for few years, I can say that I have understood for myself that people simply have to be ready that all skin care products simply do not work for everyone. Stil, the most of them want that it would work differently and then we have plenty of dissatisfied and angry comments from users and then others think that maybe really the product is not good.

    I am looking for anti-wrinkle products that would work for me already for a very long time, but somehow all I try does not give me results and no matter is the cream very expensive or three times cheaper I do not get expected results. But at the moment I understand that I should not look for some miracle, there simply can be a chance that some day some product will give me good results and I think that others people also should think like that.

    I must say that you have tried these products for quite a long time, I could not be using something for so long to make sure will I see any results. Honestly, I often give up on a product after a month or two.
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