Jewelry for Minimalists: Rocks Box Review

The year my daughter was born, my New Year’s resolution was to buy and wear more jewelry. No joke (this was before my clutter-free dreams began). I was determined not to become the stereotypical frumpy mom. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded at avoiding frump, but I’m kind of thankful that I realized early on that it would be easy to do for other people and buy for other people, but harder to do and buy for me.

I realized that it’s okay for me to buy jewelry sometimes and it’s really okay to take the extra few minutes each day to put it on jewelry (and a few extra minutes trying to keep a toddler away from the sparkly things in my ear.) Today I’m sharing a sponsored post about Rocksbox, an amazing jewelry service that I think you’ll like, even if you’re a low-maintenance, minimalist-leaning mama like me. I got a few months’ subscription for free, and I can’t wait to tell you what I think about each amazing piece.

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Rocks Box

Rocks Box is a monthly service that sends designer jewelry your way each month. Don’t be afraid of that word “designer.” It’s really okay, because the prices aren’t crazy. Each month’s box is $21 (but keep reading if you want to get a month for free!) and three beautiful pieces of jewelry come in the mail. You can wear them for a while to decide how much you like them and if you’d actually wear them in real life.

After a few weeks, you can either pop those beauties back in their reusable mailing package (don’t cut it with scissors by the way…ahem) and send them home, or you can declare your love for them buy purchasing them and making them a permanent part of your jewelry collection.

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Someone Gets Me

When I opened my first box (with scissors…oops) I felt like someone gets me. The three pieces of jewelry couldn’t have been more perfect for me. And I wouldn’t have been able to pick out Such Perfect Pieces on my own because the stylist knows me better than I know myself. Or, knows my jewelry style better, at least. This is because I hit the Rocks Box website and set my preferences, and then chose 30 pieces of jewelry I loved. That’s why I was sent these amazing pieces:

Hammered gold necklace- I absolutely love this one. It’s perfect for those rare occasions when I get out of the house with girlfriends.


Small gold hoops- These are so pretty and delicate, which I think is my style (jewelry stylist, is it??) They are small enough to not be a problem for curious little hands.

Clever clasp bracelet- How smart is this clasp? I usually don’t wear bracelets because getting them closed takes too much physical and mental effort. But this one is clever and easy to put on by myself.

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For Keeps, Or Not

Can you guess which one I decided to keep? (Yes, I sent two back.) Try to guess below, and you can use this code lessinthenestxoxo to get your first month of Rocksbox for free! And, even if you don’t guess in the comments, you can use the code 🙂 I used the $21 monthly fee towards my jewelry choice, but I think just getting to wear the jewelry for a month or so without buying it is also a good option.  I love the thought of wearing new jewelry without adding to the clutter. This would be a perfect option if you have some special events to go to (wedding season, anyone?) and didn’t want to wear the same jewelry every single time.


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  • Sejal Khanna April 6, 2018 at 11:11 am

    What an impressive concept. Order, wear and decide. And the pieces are remarkable too!


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