It’s All in the Details: Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

Welcoming new little ones into the world with baby showers is the sweetest thing! Because of my bent towards having less, I’ve often skipped over the little details that make a baby shower so magical. But now I’m realizing that paying attention to small details can make a big difference in the wow-factor of a baby shower, or any event, for that matter. One little detail you shouldn’t skip? Actual invitations. How cute are these elephant baby shower invitations from Basic Invite? I am so excited to share this post with you today, sponsored by Basic Invite. 

Sending out real, hand-held invitations is a wonderful keepsake for the mom-to-be, and I think it makes the guests take it more seriously (meaning, they actually RSVP!) Plus, actual invitations can be personalized to fit your theme and colors. Paying attention to the details will make any baby shower truly memorable.

Basic Invite Elephant Baby Shower Invitations


Elephant Baby Shower Invitations

I had so much fun picking out these baby shower invitations. I have a family member who is expecting a baby girl in a few months, so I thought I’d get a little idea of what her invitations for her baby shower might look like by ordering a sample from Basic Invite. For just a few dollars, a sample invitation was sent my way within a couple of days. This was perfect for me, because I got to check if it went well with the other decor (more on my fabric garland in a bit!) and make sure that I didn’t waste my money on an invitation that just didn’t work.

I chose all of the colors for these elephant baby shower invitations, from the stripes in the background to the adorable mama and baby duo. The color choices are almost unlimited, so no matter what colors mama-to-be likes, you can make an invitation that she’ll love. Also, there are 40 different colors of envelopes to choose from. It’s all in the details!

When the invitation arrived, it was just how I had pictured it. There weren’t any surprises with colors. It also included a sheet full of optional colors, just in case I needed to make any more adjustments before ordering an entire set.

Other Baby Shower Details

A fabric garland is a beautiful decoration, one that won’t be tossed right away and might actually become a keepsake. Fold 8-12 inch pieces of fabric around a 3-foot-long, sturdy piece of rope or twine to make a shabby-chic garland. Use it to drape over the gifts table or the front door. After the shower is over, maybe mom-to-be will want to add it to her precious little one’s nursery decor.

Maybe add a cute elephant piggy bank to the table, another decoration that will become a treasured keepsake instead of a landfill fixture.

One more thing that I love for baby showers and kids’ birthdays- old fashioned milk bottles with straws. They’re whimsical and adorable, and kids love them (although, they are glass, so I don’t let extremely little ones handle them.) Even though I try not to hang on to too much party stuff, these bottles will get used over and over again.

Putting it All Together

Basic Invite can help you with other little party planning details, like collecting addresses using their address capturing service. Just post their link on social media, and you can easily collect your friends and family’s home addresses. I can’t wait to get the party planning started with Basic Invite. 

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