DIY Pallet Shelves Wall Organizer

If there’s one quality I never knew I needed in a husband, it’s handiness. I am blessed with an extremely handy husband. Not only can he fix stuff, but he can create stuff. Really amazing, creative, custom-designed pieces for our home. He grew up on a farm, so repurposing old materials was important when he learned his handy skills. When he found old pallets on his family’s farm a few years ago, I was excited to see what he’d come up with. He created this pallet shelves wall organizer, and it cost him pennies to make! I enlisted Nate’s help to describe how to make this awesome household fixture.

Our pallet shelves wall organizer is mounted in our garage. We use it to store garden supplies and things that we want to put down before we get in the house: umbrellas, plastic bags, etc. It’s painted a bright color, so it brings a little cheer to our garage. This organizer could serve many purposes: books, magazines, crafts, you name it! Except they have to be relatively small items as a pallet is only a few inches in depth, and the shelves you make will be no more than 12 inches tall.

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DIY Pallet Shelf Organizer

Think about your pallet shelves and what you’ll store there. This will help you decide where you want to place your shelves. We have shelves at the very bottom, 12 inches from the bottom, and 8 inches above that. The rest of the space doesn’t have shelves, but we can store things from hooks on the horizontal slats.

Are you read to jump in? Here’s what you’ll need:

    • A pallet- you can find these at grocery stores, farms, and industrial warehouses. They’re often given away for free! It doesn’t matter if it’s broken. The imperfections give character, and they can always be fixed with a little extra wood. Make sure that your pallet has two sides, as some of them only have a front and no panels in the back.
    • Nails (12 penny)
    • A hammer
    • 2×4 boards (the quantity depends on how many shelves you want and how long your boards are)
    • Drill
    • Paint and paintbrush
    • Crow bar
    • Dry wall screws (1 1/2 inches)



With the pallet front-side up on a flat work surface, use the crow bar to take off the second horizontal slat from the bottom. This allows room for your first shelf, which will be on the bottom of the shelf. This gives you room to store items. Our pallet had a good amount of room between the first and second slats, so Nate only took off one slat from the bottom of the pallet. We made room for three shelves, but we didn’t remove boards for the other shelves. So, our top two shelves are a little more shallow.

DIY Pallet Shelves Wall Organizer

To make shelves, use a 2×4. Find a location where the bottoms of two of the horizontal pallet boards line up (i.e at the bottom). Cut the 2×4 to fit between the two vertical pieces of the pallet. Secure with nails. Repeat this step for the other shelves.

Paint the pallet your desired color. We chose turquoise because we had leftover paint 🙂 If you want to place your pallet shelves outside, use exterior paint and a sealant.

Use a stud finder to find studs in the wall. Drill holes into the studs at the top and bo. Drill screw through the back of the pallet and into Secure both the top and bottom boards of the pallet to the studs.

Accessorize! Garden hooks (available at a home improvement store) to hang buckets (check Target’s Dollar Spot), plastic bags, and other accessories. Mason Jars are great for storing little items. If you’re aiming to not spend any money on this project, skip the garden hooks and round-up any jars you can find.


Final Product:


  • Macs August 16, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Ohh!!! great idea. I could use this in my backyard because it’s kinda messy. This could help though.

    • leahbmartin August 22, 2017 at 6:45 am

      My husband is very creative with repurposing! I hope this inspires you to create something great!


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