This simple #DIY #haircut could save you lots of money...and time!

Are You Brave Enough for a DIY Haircut?

Back when we lived in the land of two incomes, I got haircuts. Sure, the space between cuts was stretched out about three times longer than the stylists recommended. But I made actual appointments, went to actual salons, and enjoyed a seriously relaxing time at the salon. Then I became a mom, and then a stay-at-home mom. Spending $45+ on a haircut, and leaving my family to go to a salon made a trip to the salon impractical. I dabbled with discount salons, but…meh. I basically stopped getting my haircut, save once or twice a year when I started to resemble a neglected pet. One day, while I discussed my dilemma with a friend, she told me about her DIY haircut. Getting a cut at home for FREE? This was what I needed! But I chickened out.

I am not super attached to my hair (emotionally, at least 🙂 ) It’s really long, but that’s mostly because of those few-and-far-between haircuts. I wasn’t sure if I could cut my own hair and have it look a step or two up from “neglected pet.” A French braid is a huge accomplishment for me- so cutting my own hair seemed scary. After studying up, I decided to be brave and give it a try. The results? I LOVE my new ‘do. It’s much easier to curl than before, and because of the layers, it doesn’t get tangled as quickly now.

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The Process

For a beginner like me, I chose to do the ponytail cut. My mom said that in the 70’s, this was called “the shag.” You basically lop of your ponytail. But I’ve tried this cut a couple of times, and have learned some tricks along the way.

What You Need

The first time I did this a couple of months ago, I used my husband’s hair cutting scissors that he’s had for about 15 years. Since we’ve been married, I’ve used the scissors solely to cut tags off of new clothes. Needless to say, they’re dull. I hacked away at my hair for a long time before getting it straight-ish. I bought these hair cutting scissors on Amazon. They cost less than one cut at a discount hair salon, but they had great reviews and they worked great for me!

You also need a hairbrush and a hair tie. Not so complicated, right?

Front Ponytail DIY Cut

DIY Ponytail cut

With this front ponytail cut, you get face-framing layers. The layers are pretty short; in my case, about eight inches shorter than the rest of my hair. For this cut, brush your hair out thoroughly. Brush out all those applesauce and spit-up tangles (just me??) Tangled hair=uneven cut.

Then, gather all of your hair in a ponytail on the top of your head. I have a pointy little widow’s peak, so that’s where I aimed my ponytail. Brush all the little bumps out of your ponytail so it’s nice and smooth. Bumpy ponytail=uneven cut.

Now, lob that ponytail off. Just joking, it’s not THAT easy. Cut straight across your ponytail. This is harder than I would have guessed, even with good hair cutting scissors! I snipped and tweaked for awhile until it looked straight enough.

The last step is a fun one. With your scissors pointing up, directly into your ponytail, start snipping away. You’re not trying to take off length, but to thin out the ponytail. My scissor set came with feathering scissors, but I haven’t tried to master them yet.

Now you can take out your ponytail and see all the layered beauty. And you just saved yourself $45.

Mid Ponytail DIY Cut

I love how the front ponytail cut looked, but I wanted to lose a little more length without making those face-framing layers turn into bangs. Moving the ponytail write to the middle of my head solved the problem. The layers around my face didn’t get shorter with this method, and I was very happy about that. When I put my ponytail on the crown of my head, the shorter layers didn’t get cut at all (they fell out of the ponytail.) That was perfectly fine with me!

I followed the same process as above, and this cut turned out just as well. It was a little more difficult to get a straight cut, though, since I had to hold the ponytail pretty high above my head. This has to be easier with shorter hair!


I still would like to go a little shorter, so the next time I’ll take even more off. Who says self-care needs to be expensive? Mommy matters too, but she doesn’t have go to a salon for a haircut.





  • Gemma | Seasidesundays November 8, 2017 at 10:47 am

    Wow, that is awesome! I have cut my hair myself but never with the ponytail method, I am definitely going to try it. I hate going to the hair salon, i just find it torturous so this seems like a solution!
    Gemma | Seasidesundays recently posted…How to Make the Holidays Less Stressful and More FestiveMy Profile

  • Alicia Owen November 9, 2017 at 5:57 am

    I need to try this out this weekend to fix my cheapie cut! In theory, I can’t do any worse than she did. lol I’ve already had to cut off several spots where my hair was still and inch or more longer than the rest. -_- My husband said it’s not very even in the back either. Ugh. Thanks for sharing your tips! I’m not so afraid to try it myself now.
    Alicia Owen recently posted…Goodwill Kids Clothes Haul!My Profile

  • Sella - The Mom's Life Cycle November 10, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Yes, I’m READYY!!! hihihi, I’ve done my own haircut 2 years ago just after i’m having a baby. and it was so greaatt!! I start to do it again soon, as it saves money and time also for going to salon 😀

  • Carolyn November 28, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    Saw this post and thought I would check it out. Then I saw the gather it in a ponytail and cut and I cringed. I have my husband trim my hair every other month and he is meticulous about the sectioning, and trimming each layer to ensure the split ends underneath are trmmed, ends are even on both sides, and he takes small sections to ensure the hair is cut cleanly, not sawed through. It takes longer, but the results are great, I get compliments on my hair and friends ask to schedule an appointment with my stylist. Some are taken aback when I tell them I have it done at home and hubby wields the shears. I have watched videos of this ponytail chop and it seemed scary. Especially when they point cut into the ends. Split ends galore are the result. At home is great to get your haircut, saves money, I know, but I prefer the tell hubby I need a trim method where he pours me a glass of wine, capes me, combs out my hair and I love the feel of him combing my hair on my back. I like the pampering and hubby seems to enjoy doing it for me, he loves my hair long as much as I do.

    • leahbmartin November 28, 2017 at 12:44 pm

      What an awesome husband you have! I think mine would be too afraid to cut my hair! I saw a Youtube video on this kind of cut that a big-time salon produced, so I figured it couldn’t be too bad 🙂 I haven’t noticed a problem with split ends- in fact, I haven’t had any split ends because I’m able to cut my hair more often now 🙂


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