The Clutter Diet Worksheet (Free Printable!)

Let me first say that I hate diets when they involve food. I am not a diet person. But, I’ve realized how much getting rid of clutter, trying to make a better environment for my family, has in common with diets. I can keep getting rid of things until the people at the Goodwill know me by name, but I’m never going to make a dent if I keep putting things into my house. Like a diet, you have to balance what comes in.

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The key to success when getting rid of clutter is balancing what comes into your home with what goes out of your home.

Making a Dent in Clutter

I’ve been working on the clutter in our house for about a year now. With kids, this is JUST SO HARD! When I feel like I’m making progress, someone has a birthday or goes to a church event (oh, the prizes!) or sizes out of their clothes. It’s enough to make a mama crazy. But I’m committed. 😉

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Clutter Diet

When I’m intentional about keeping track of what comes into our house instead of just crazily getting stuff out, I feel so much better. I can be sure that all of the work I’m doing is actually making a difference. I keep this clutter worksheet in my planning binder, and boy does it help! All I do is keep a mental count of how many items I’m getting rid of when I go on a decluttering spree. After a trip to Target or another store, I note the number of items I brought into my home. It takes much less discipline than watching what you eat 🙂 I also made a section for things that I want to buy. I’ve noticed that putting things down on a list helps curb impulse buys. If it wasn’t on the list, I can’t buy it.

*Note* I don’t put consumables on my worksheet.

I love this printable because:Clutter Diet Worksheet

  • I think more about what comes into our house when I know I have to write it down.
  • When little things come home, I often turn around and throw them out. It makes more sense to just not let them in at all!
  • I’ve started asking: Is keeping this worth the hassle of picking it up over and over again?
  • There’s a line for every day, so you can track your progress on a daily basis.

You can get your Clutter Diet Worksheet here!


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