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No-tech Tuesday lets your family unplug and reconnect.

Why Your Family Needs No-Tech Tuesdays

Before Miss H was born, Nate came home from work one Tuesday evening and declared it was “No-tech Tuesday.” He read about it in a magazine story about a simple-living family, and we were going to get started right then and there. We decided on some ground rules: On Tuesdays, when he got home from work, we’d turn off our…

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Chores: Good for Kids, Good for Moms

Not too long ago, I heard a mom say that she doesn’t value chores for her children. She thought that kids should be kids, so she preferred that they play instead of helping out around the house. I respect others’ opinions and I understand that each family is different. But a recent study out of Harvard showed just how important…

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Before you share that viral post

Before You Share That Viral Post, Read This

Last week, a Facebook post about an attempted kidnapping went semi-viral in my area. A mother said she was in a local store, and was followed around by suspicious men.  No matter how she tried to lose them, they followed. She then told store employees, called the police, and posted about her experience, complete with pictures of the men. Moms…

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Stay at home mom

Is Life Easier As A Stay At Home Mom or a Working Mom?

I worked full-time outside the home the first two years of Miss H’s life. When her little brother was on the way, I told the head of her daycare center that we wouldn’t be returning the next school year, because I was leaving my job. The daycare coordinator gave me a sidelong glance and said, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE…

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Super Busy

5 Things to Consider When You’re Super Busy

We all know those people who thrive off of chaos. For them, the busier, the better! I was one of those super busy people for many years. Then something shifted. It took me some time to realize that my busyness was an attempt to run away from other things. Maybe it was the feeling of not being accepted. If I…

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