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How to Kill a Conversation with a Stay-at-Home Mom

You’re home all day with these awesome little people, but you need some grown-up conversation. When the chance to talk to someone over three feet tall arises, it often flops. It’s hard to carry conversations when our lives are so centered on the events in our homes. When people ask questions, carrying a conversation is a challenge. Moms, are you…

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Adopting Better House Cleaning Habits

I love the concept of cleaning schedules- the pretty colors, the organized lists, the boxes I can check off. I can maintain them for a few months during the nesting stages of pregnancy, but adding a new baby to the mix puts an abrupt end to that. Now, most days I can’t find the kitchen counter and I wonder how…

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The Truth About Being Brutally Honest

I get that there’s a bit of irony to this post. I’m saying something that might not be super popular for the sake of honesty. A few months ago, I heard someone say something rude in the name of honesty. Being brutally honest, in which people say whatever they like for the sake of “the truth,” is kind of confusing.…

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Parenting Is Hard: Modern Parenting is Harder

When people ask me how we’re adjusting to life with three kids, I usually say something like, “It’s going pretty well! I’ve lowered my standards a lot!” They laugh, like I’m making a joke. But I’m absolutely serious. I’ve had to let go of some things, like activities and play dates, so that our days run smoothly. I also let…

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Am I Actually Savoring These Moments?

Five times in 24 hours; I heard the same message five times in such a short time frame. My little guy had just turned two months old. It was hard to believe that two months went by so fast, but soon I’ll look back on these times and think, “Two months! He was so little and new!” I took him…

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Your Family Deserves Your Best Yes

My friend sat next to me in Bible study and shared her New Year’s resolution. In the upcoming year, she wants to say “No” more often. That is a resolution after my own heart! Busyness and over-commitment is NOT something I value. So I think I surprised her when I said that my goal for the New Year is to…

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Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies for Frugal Moms

Once upon a time, when I was single and had this thing called “extra time,” I learned how to make my own cleaning products. I grated bars of soap for laundry detergent, boiled and mixed various ingredients for dish washing detergents….maybe I had too much extra time. Back then, I made all of these things because they were so much…

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#Christmas can be stressful. The #clutter that comes with Christmas can add to our stress.

When the Stuff of Christmas is Stressful, Not Joyful

We dug out the big plastic totes full of Christmas decorations a couple of weeks ago. The tree went up, and the kids took turns pretending to put the angel on the top. Piece by piece, we set up the Nativity on the mantel and carefully placed lights around each little lamb and shepherd. When we were done, we sat…

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Taming #Momguilt with ErgoBaby Omni 360. While adjusting to our newest arrival, wearing my baby in a safe #babycarrier lets me enjoy this time with #lessstress.

Taming the Mom Guilt with Ergobaby Omni 360

Thanks to my sponsor, Ergobaby, for supplying the free products to help me write this post today! This post also contains affiliate links.  There is something that has plagued me both times we’ve brought another baby into our family: mom guilt. We turned our little ones’ lives upside down when we brought them a new baby brother. I know postpartum…

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Everyday, the list of things we shouldn't say to #moms grows longer and longer. But could these mom rules be more hurtful than helpful?

The Long List of Things We Shouldn’t Say to Moms

Everyday, the list of things that we shouldn’t say to moms grows longer. These are things that, on the surface, don’t seem at all controversial. But uttering them could send a mom into an angry tirade. They range from comments on sleep to busyness, and they are on the conversational blacklist that only moms seem to know about. There is…

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