Buying a Used BOB Stroller: Buyer’s Guide

Are you  in the stroller stage of life? We’ve been in this stage for about 4.5 years now!  Living in Colorado, we knew we needed a good stroller when our first little one was on the way. It had to be able navigate the mountains and slushy sidewalks, and keep up with us on short runs (can you guess how many of those have occurred in the last 5 years?! ) After lots of research and recommendations from friends and family, we decided to get a BOB stroller. The only problem was the price tag. We decided that buying a used BOB stroller was our best option.

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Why Buy a Used BOB?


Single BOB strollers cost about $400 new, and double BOB strollers cost almost $600 new! We have both. So, that’s about $1,000 worth of strollers in our collection! But there’s no way we would spend that much on strollers! The good news for us is that BOBs are very well made, so they last a long time. That makes them a smart item to buy used. On the downside, they hold their value pretty well. Even used BOB Strollers are not cheap! If you live in a place where they are popular, like we do, then you should be able to find the right BOB stroller for you, but it’s a big decision, so make it wisely!


Used BOB strollers often come with accessories without running up these costs. Accessories like a carseat adapter, snack tray, and parent drink-holder can add up really quickly. Both used BOB strollers that we purchased came with at least one accessory, saving us another $30 or more.

What Type of BOB is Right For You?

What’s Your Purpose?

There are three main types of BOB strollers: the Revolution, the Ironman, and the Sport Utility. There is also a version of the Revolution called the Stroller Strides edition, that basically comes with extra athletic gear. A double stroller is called a duallie (the spelling looks so weird on that!) The Ironman and Sport Utility strollers have fixed front wheels. This means that the wheel always faces straight in front. This is helpful for runners because there’s no risk that the wheel will accidentally turn when you’re moving fast, sending you promptly into the handlebar. It’s not great for everyday use because turning the stroller is more of a challenge. The BOB Revolution has the option for the flexible front wheel, so it can move or be locked into a fixed position. We chose this model, since we wanted the stroller for everyday use as well as exercise. This was a great move on our part because very little exercising has actually occurred with either of our BOB strollers 🙂

There are other small differences between the different models. If you want a stroller that you can use during everyday events, a nice, padded interior will be a must! The canopies, handlebars, and brakes are all things to keep in  mind. Also, within each model are little sub-models: SE, Flex, etc. The difference between these versions are very minimal. The BOB Flex has a handle that can adjust in height, which is wonderful for tall parents! The SE doesn’t have this feature.

Model Years

Knowing the model year is really important when buying a BOB. This is not just because you don’t want to get stuck with something that has been around as long as you have (they have been around since 1994, so I never was at risk for that!) It’s important to know the year in case of recalls, big problems with the style or function, etc. Make sure to ask before you go to check out a used stroller!

In 2016, the entire line of BOB strollers was remade. So, if you buy an older stroller, it won’t look like the fancy new ones you see around town! Usually, the same model sticks around for a few years.


Some functions that you might be interested in:

  • Some older models have a wrist strap that is attached to the foot brake. If someone loses control of the stroller while running with the wrist strap, the brake is activated. This has lots of pros and cons. Accidentally pulling the break could cause a really sudden stop for your little one.
  • Newer models have a wrist strap not attached to a brake.
  • Some newer models have a parking brake and hand brake.
  • Tires with thorn resistant tubes are extremely helpful! Ask about the tires when purchasing. Tip: You can also buy tube sealant,that helps prevent tire leaks. We went this route after 3 flat tires in a few weeks!

Trunk Size

If you’ll be taking your stroller on the go with you, make sure that you can fit it in the back of your car! Our double BOB stroller did not fit into the back of my Subaru. It fits in the back of our current vehicle, but it is so heavy that I look like I’m wrestling an elephant trying to put it there.

Car Seat Adaptators

When we purchased our BOB, there was not an official adapter for the car seat we had. At that time, Chicco car seats hadn’t been tested with BOB strollers. Fortunately, there was information on how to safely use our stroller with our car seat available online (we had to purchase a part of one adapter with a supplemental piece). Different adapters work with different car seats, so even if you are fortunate enough to find a BOB stroller with a carseat adapter, make sure it’s the one you need.

Making A Purchase


Before you make a purchase, know the new and used value of strollers. If a comparable stroller is $390, then buying the used version at $300 doesn’t make much sense. I personally believe that when buying something like this that is gently used, I should pay about half of the original cost.

Check Craigslist, eBay, and local BST Facebook groups to get an idea of what BOBS are going for. These listings often don’t include the year. Don’t be fooled into paying too much for an old stroller! If the person honestly doesn’t know the year it was made or purchased, look at pictures online to see if you can get an idea of how old it is. The older BOB strollers don’t have soft, cushioned seats. The really old BOB strollers have fewer details in general.

Look Carefully!

Besides the risks of buying something from someone you don’t know (I always bring my husband and we go to a public place if possible!) really be careful when buying a used BOB stroller. The often used disclaimer “like new!” is a little exaggerated. Look for little tears in the fabric, fading on the canopy (a sign that it was stored outside and might have more wear than necessary).

You can tell older BOB strollers because the foot rests don’t end in a triangular point. Also, the newer strollers have padding on the foot rests, while older versions don’t. Being aware of these things will help you avoid being told misinformation!


It’s important to know which versions of BOBs have been recalled. Most of the recalls involve minor things that allow the stroller to be safe and functional. But some of the issues are more dangerous. You can keep up with BOB recalls at  

Hopefully I’ve taken away some of the research involved in this process! If you know the right questions to ask, and what to look for, buying a used BOB stroller is definitely a good way to go!




  • Catherine September 10, 2017 at 8:42 am

    We bought a used BOB with our first and it served us well, but we upgraded to a new double. We used our 20% off REI coupon and it was still expensive, but it’s so reliable, and we use it so often, that it has been absolutely worth it!

    • leahbmartin September 11, 2017 at 7:06 am

      I always forget to use those REI coupons! That’s such a great idea! I know they have a pretty good rewards program, too! Thanks for sharing!

  • Carrie October 30, 2017 at 9:26 am

    It is 2017 (almost 2018) what would you pay for a double Revolution stroller that was originally purchased in 2008? Is $180 a reasonable ask.

    • leahbmartin October 30, 2017 at 3:30 pm

      In my area, where BOB strollers hold their value well, older BOBs are selling for $50-100. You could check Craigslist to see what they tend to be selling for in your area, or you can check a city that is similar to yours in size and demographics to get a feel for the going price. I hope that helps!

  • Lauren August 8, 2018 at 7:28 am

    Thank you for all of this information, it was helpful. I have a question, I just bought a 2005 BOB Revolution jogging stroller that has the old adapter and snack tray. My daughter likes to sit straight up to see. I notice the seat back doesn’t sit up as straight as other strollers, so the snack tray is at her face level, instead of below her. Is this just the nature of this older model? Thanks!

  • janelle September 8, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Hi I am looking for a gently used Bob Revolution Duallie stroller for my daughter 2016 or above!
    What is the best way to find one in my area? Is it worth finding one offer ebay?? or similar site. Also what about car seat adapters?

    • leahbmartin September 20, 2018 at 2:13 pm

      Hi Janelle! I think Facebook buy/sell/trade groups are especially awesome these days, and now with Facebook marketplace, it’s easier to find more items in your area. I prefer this over Craigslist, but that’s also an option! Having someone ship a big item like this makes me a little nervous, as they are most likely not packaging experts and you could get a pretty beaten up stroller delivered to you. I hope this helps!


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