Your Family Deserves Your Best Yes

My friend sat next to me in Bible study and shared her New Year’s resolution. In the upcoming year, she wants to say “No” more often. That is a resolution after my own heart! Busyness and over-commitment is NOT something I value. So I think I surprised her when I said that my goal for the New Year is to say “Yes!”

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But not just any yes.

Yes to the things that really matter.

Out of a self-preservation that has wrapped its way around my heart and my schedule, I started to say no way too much. It was almost an automatic reaction, an assumption that everything someone asked of me would bog down my schedule and stress me out. But by saying no so often, I missed out on beautiful moments with my family and friends, and valuable opportunities for me.

I realized I needed to change this automatic reaction one night after my littles were pulled, rosy-cheeked, from the bath tub. The giggling cherubs ran to their bedroom with their heads wrapped in little animal hoodies and waited for me. But I got distracted with the pile of laundry that also waited for me. “Mommy!” H yelled. “Please come cuddle with me!” “No, honey. I’m putting away the laundry.”

That was the moment when a simple “No” placed the laundry first in the ranks. As I folded baby sleepers and big boy jammies, I realized my mistake. My child wanted to cuddle with me. This is not a forever stage. I put down the sleeper on the floor and said, “You know what honey? Yes. I’ll cuddle with you.” I went to my sweet girl and laid down next to her on the bed, wet hair clinging to both of our faces.

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That’s when I decided to say yes.

Yes to cuddling, and yes to getting out the craft supplies that I know will make huge messes. Yes to baking cookies, and yes to trips to the park, even when my to-do list stretches onto two pages. Yes to my little guy who wants to be held, and yes to afternoon hot cocoa dates.

And not just yes to my children. I’ve shut too many doors before they were opened with a two-letter word. But here’s where it gets tricky. Learning to say yes to the right things, the most important things.

This is Miss H’s adorable little apron. I said yes to the apron and yes to making pancakes on a Saturday morning when I really felt like serving cereal.

I’m learning to give the Best Yes.

A best yes goes to things I really prioritize. Wonderful things like friends and family, and the little blogs I run. And the not so wonderful things that I’m responsible for, like scrubbing toilets. When I have my priorities in order, it’ll be easier to choose my best yes.

As much as I want to help everyone and join all the groups and go to all the girls’ nights, if I said yes to them all, I would be stretched so thin that I’d be see-through. I’d be so transparent that everyone could tell only half of me was there and really interested.

And you know what else I should say “no” to more often? Facebook. Instagram. TV watching marathons. Time-suckers.

My husband, after hearing my New Year’s resolution a few weeks ago, bought me The Best Yes, a faith-based book about prioritizing and simplifying, answering yes from the best possible place. I don’t want this resolution to be a one-month-wonder, where I’m gung-ho in January and it fizzles out in a month or two. My faith, my family, and I deserve my best yes.


Your family deserves your Best Yes.


Maybe you can relate and have been feeling stretched thin. We want to be there for everyone else, but sometimes it’s the most important people, our family members, who suffer for that. Or maybe you can relate because you’ve been saying “no” for too long. Choosing your “yeses” wisely could open up some amazing opportunities for you, and create some beautiful memories with your family.

This year, I’ll be sharing what saying yes has done for our family, and I’d love to hear your stories, too.

Your family deserves your #bestyes. Choose wisely. #unbusy


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